Everyone deserves a Genius Discovery

Aptitude World helps children and adults to unleash their potential with proven scientific methodology.

At Aptitude World, we believe:

  • Everyone is unique
  • Everyone is talented
  • Everyone is capable to excel

Aptitude World is the first in Australia to introduce an aptitude assessment program that is non- invasive, no questionnaire involved, and can be done from 12 months of age. We utilise the latest version of Dermatoglyphics Test to uncover the hidden talent of an individual with proven accuracy.

Our clients’ testimonials

"This scientifically proven and patented child behaviour analysis changed my vision of where I saw my child’s education and life goals. I cannot recommend it more highly. If you don’t do this you are letting your child down." Read more

Dean Egan — Corporate Executive and father of one

"I thought it was amazing just how accurate the personality described was to myself, l do find how the brain works very interesting and the various ways we all learn, l think this would be a valuable tool for parents, not only for the child’s development but also the way parents understand their children and the challenges all families have." Read more

Carinne Wood — Director at Noah’s Ark Preschool

"I found that the report is thorough, I feel that many of those are very accurate and closely resemble what I felt about myself." Read more

Nico Wanandy — PhD Reseacher and entrepreneur
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